We equip diverse community organizations with culturally responsive curriculum and engaging development. Let us take you and your scholars to the next level. 

We are a team of educators, still active in the classroom by day, seeking to address educational and opportunistic inequalities in at-promise neighborhoods, through culturally relevant and equitable curriculum.

Our primary focus is literacy, infused with S.T.E.A.M.d. elements–science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and design.

Our curriculum encourages interactivity, incorporates EdTech, interactive journals, manipulatives, and more.

We design curriculum to fit YOUR students’ needs. We’ll come in, converse with you about your vision, focus group your scholars, and assess your resources. After our analysis, we’ll design a proposal for your program. With your approval, we’ll go forward in designing lessons, implementing operations, and collecting student data. We also offer reflection sessions—complete with data analysis and a workshop report.

Our long-term vision is to align ourselves with organizations seeking to level the academic playing field in underserved communities.

Contact us. Let’s start a conversation about your scholars’ needs.

Like ivy, we’ll rise to the sun.


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The children’s book industry has 3 percent creators of color and 50% of school-aged children are minorities. To combat this disparity, we incorporate an abundance of diverse texts and genres into our curriculum, including, but not limited to, fiction, informational, memoir, poetry, playwriting, and scriptwriting. Students will read, analyze, annotate, and discuss important works while learning to find their own writing voice.


There’s a lack of diversity in Edtech, creating a trickle-down effect, where the latest Edtech and its content isn’t diverse or culturally relevant.  We find innovative ways to incorporate the latest EdTech into our curriculum. We encourage web development, digital design, filmmaking and more. Students might use Adobe Spark to create book trailers and public service announcements, they’ll use Illustrator and Photoshop to design posters and digital backdrops, use coding to make constructed robots move, and so much more! We hope that our clients can use their personalized curriculum to diversify the tech world’s next generation. 


In 2016, sixty-three percent of eighth-graders took a music class and 42 percent took an art class. We believe in the integration of arts, in all curriculum. The arts are a path to self-awareness, the exploration of emotions, addressing unresolved emotional conflicts, improving social skills, solidifying concepts, and so much more. What would our curriculum be without a student showcase for the world to see? All of the curriculum ends in a culminating event, so your scholars can invite their community to see their hard work. Showcases include but aren’t limited to: spoken word poetry performances, shark tanks, gallery viewings, debates, speeches, literary readings, dance, interactive workshops, digital set design, a night of scenes, conferences, panels, fairs, and more.