Schools and organizations hire Langston League to design instructional materials and run professional development workshop that make their students’ education culturally responsive, timely, and exciting. Download our Service Guide to learn more about our design process and professional development sessions.

90% of our clients have seen success from our programs; more than half of their scholars have seen advancement or mastery after implementing our curriculum and strategies.


With decades of combined hands-on experience, our team will help your institution develop an inclusive curriculum or professional development program that’s responsive to the cultural needs of your scholars and educators. In-house curriculum designers are scarce, and can receive a compensation of up to $90,000, while lacking the comprehensive combined skill set and background that our team has. We work with our partners like you to redevelop their learning programs for a fraction of that cost, while helping educators learn how to better provide a culturally responsive and equitable education that keeps students engaged and excited about learning.


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We’ll work with you to provide you with a custom, actionable culturally responsive curriculum that includes lesson plans with detailed educator scripting for each component (crafted as a set of options instead of linear must-dos), instructional materials tailored to your scholars, as well as the data tracking systems to analyze your entire curriculum and its results so you can measure success and report back to funding institutions.


Our workshops are customized for each audience, creating a unique and actionable experience for all scholars that range from K-12 scholars, college students, education professionals, and corporate teams. We pride ourselves on creating content that is media driven, interactive, engaging and leaves learners amazed.

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To get your institution on the path to a new curriculum, first we’ll book a consultation where we’ll get to know you, your vision, your culture, and the specific needs of your academic program. After that, we’ll present you with a personalized proposal that responds to the institution’s key requirements and identity. Once that has been approved, we’ll move forward with the complete curriculum design based on the scope of work presented in the proposal and completely and uniquely designed to your needs. We’ll also provide data report templates, that allow your educators to measure the impact of the program on your institution’s performance and your students’ progress. We’ll be there working with you every step of the way to make sure your community is being well taken care of.

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Why Langston League

We don’t want to challenge the status quo; we want to break it. By working closely with schools, non-profits, corporations and all types of educational institutions in at-promise communities, we’ve created hundreds of courses in several disciplines and formats. Our content experts include, but aren’t limited to: urban farming, urban planning, creative writing, UX Design, science, mathematics, health & wellness, college and career readiness, coding, robotics, hip-hop literacy, activism, history, music (instrumentation/production/chorus), entrepreneurship, and more.

Our experience covers all kinds of educational programs, from complete curriculum design to summer and after-school programs, elective courses and semester-based curriculums. After developing dozens of courses and educational programs, the Langston League has put together a strong team of consultants specialized in fields that range from all STEAM areas to urban farming and planning, music and LGBTQ issues, ensuring culturally responsive, diverse and comprehensive curriculums and professional development for our clients and partners.


“Langston League is not only cost effective, professional, and creative but gave a MAJOR boost to our program. As a literacy and mentoring program founded by an award winning writer, it was refreshing to take on additional creatives with our mission. Furthermore, their creative ability fused with an in depth understanding of mainstream media and cultural relevance is key along with their ability to customize curriculum and lesson plans for any educational platform.”

-Kel Spencer, Pens of Power, Hip-Hop & Literacy Program for K-12


“I asked Langston League to develop a training to deliver to our after-school group leaders. Not only was the lesson detail-oriented, it was by far it was the most effective professional development training done at my site for the academic year. The training kept group leaders not only engaged, but also gave them fundamental questions to ponder in order to better serve our population. 

-Jason Alleyne, DREAM Charter School Program Director

“Engaging and inclusive, relevant and essential – these are but a few words that capture the essence of Langston League’s #MoreThanKenteCloth’s professional development workshop. Immediately, Erica and Justin engaged us with a thought-provoking Do-Now, setting the stage for the next three hours. Throughout this time, we collaborated with each other over skits, music, a little bit of impromptu dancing, laughter, competition and critical thinking. We left with resources about how best to work with students with different learning abilities, about what it means to be culturally relevant versus culturally responsive and what this looks like in our classrooms. We left with a deeper commitment to continuously engage and understand this work and to challenge ourselves to critically self-reflect – for our own personal development, but most importantly to ensure our students receive the best of us, all day, every day. We have Langston League to thank to support us through enhancing these conversations with each other.” 

-Adela Effendy, Deputy Director of HS Programming at Sunnyside Community Services