Langston League is a team of experienced educators and curriculum designers that specialize in creating culturally relevant/responsive curriculum and training culturally competent educators. Our workshops are customized for each audience, creating a unique and actionable experience for all scholars that range from K-12 scholars, college students, education professionals, and corporate teams. We pride ourselves on creating content that is media driven, interactive, engaging and leaves learners amazed. Organizations hire Langston League to design curriculum, run professional development workshops, student workshops, and so much more.

We’re a regional winner of 2017’s WeWork Creator Awards.



Langston League takes on 3-5 clients, every season. We immerse ourselves in your organization’s culture, run focus groups, and provide a curriculum that’s tailored to your scholars’ needs. We’re currently accepting clients for Winter 2018! Learn more about our curriculum design process, here.



Langston League professional development workshops are taught utilizing student-centered and culturally responsive methods, to model exemplary instruction. Workshops include 2-3 hours of modeling, discussion, breakout groups, and immediate implementation. Professional development workshops are provided all year round. 

Our current professional development workshops:

Real Talk: Constructing Authentic Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Cool Story!: The Art of Culturally Relevant Storytelling

Who’s Asking?: Inquiry-Based Learning for STEM

If you’d like to request an abstract and framework for one or more of our professional development workshops, contact erica@langstonleague.com.


Langston League provides workshops for students. Workshops above can be taken individually, with the exception of “The Tao of Langston.” Workshops can also be taken as recurring after-school, summer, or holiday break sessions that lead to a culminating event.