Our curriculum designers and consultants can develop courses and learning experiences to drive scholar-centered outcomes and your organization’s mission.

Langston League designers are dedicated to helping clients, serving grades 6-12, solve their specific instructional challenges with intentional culturally responsive methods.

As a collective, throughout our experience in academia, we’ve developed hundreds of courses and academic experiences each year, tech initiatives, and more, offline and online.

Our individualized services include existing-curriculum evaluation and a custom proposal, as well as completed culturally responsive curriculum design, course development, and more.

Our clients rely on the expertise of our team of unconventional educators — most with years of experience in education — to drive incredible outcomes.

Here’s how you can work with us:

  1. Schedule a consultation: In one-hour, we’ll discuss your dream curriculum and we’ll assign the right curriculum designers and consultants for your organization. Do you know the scholars you’re teaching, their learning styles, and their needs? What is your end goal?
  2. Our curriculum designers want to immerse themselves in your culture and observe your scholars and objectives so that we can recommend the best possible approach. We’ll assess:
    • Instruction alignment with learning outcomes
    • Use of culturally responsive instructional and assessment strategy
    • Utilization of educational technology
    • Student engagement
  3.  Curriculum design focuses on the creation of an overall framework. Our curriculum designers will map content to learning objectives, with descriptions of recommended courses.
  4. We’ve created hundreds of courses. We are well versed in content creation and several disciplines. We’ll create intentional assessment strategies, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, recommended #Edtech and interactive activities.
  5. We’ll be sure to create a full data report utilizing case studies, National Common Core Standards proficiency, and an overview. You’ll also receive access to all files digitally, for modification.

We only take on 3-5 clients, per season, and we’re almost full!

Schedule a consultation, now!