About us

Langston League is a multi-consultant curriculum firm, specializing in teaching educators to design and implement culturally responsive and sustaining instructional material and professional development.

Our Founder & CEO

Erica Buddington is a career educator, based in Brooklyn, New York. Complex Magazine called her the “most fire teacher ever.” She left her post as Director of TRUCE Media and Arts at Harlem Children’s Zone to found Langston League. She’s been a teacher, grade team lead, Dean of Students, and/or curriculum designer at Uniondale School District, Uncommon Schools, Harlem Children’s Zone, and Capital Preparatory Schools.

Buddington has an extensive background in youth development, assisting many organizations with content that improved site culture and student academic/creative progression. She’s designed culturally responsive history and social justice curriculum for entire networks, summer programming, after-school initiatives, speaker series, and more. Buddington is known for learning experiences that heighten student retention, engagement, and mastery.

Buddington is currently immersed in a Freedom Fellows Institute Fellowship and is in the process of designing a unique school experience for middle school students. She also facilitates professional developments and designing curriculum for clients like Google Code Next and Medgar Evers Literacy Center, and coaching a number of educators.

In her spare time, Buddington writes fiction and memoir that elaborates the experience of the millennial woman of color. She’s written/published four books. She’s also an HBO Def Poet and poetry slam champion.